Falkland Islands – a softcover book by Laura Crawford Williams

Posted on April 26th, 2013 by PBP Administrator

Laura Williams is a talented photographer and we were thrilled to make this beautiful book for her. (See more of her work at her website.) She goes such interesting places with her good eye! The beautiful images in his book are of penguins, seals, grebes, gulls, ducks in the Falkland Islands.  Even her images of the severe Falklands landscape are nothing short of astonishing.

Falkland Islands Book Cover
Her laout leaves enough white space to let the book breathe – but takes advantage of three quarter and full spreads, too. What’s interesting here is that she made softcover books that feel beautiful and substantial. We used PUR glue to bind them so we know they will last. They open flatter than regular glued spine softcovers – a technology we can only use with multi-book orders.

Details about the structure of this book:

Dimensions:  10″ x 8″ Landscape
Bindings:  Graphic wrap soft cover with PUR glue
Cover:  Printed cover stock – one picture wrapped
Paper:  120 lb. coated, archival
End Papers:  n/a
Pages:  40

Take a look inside – click here

An Artists Journal – from 1843

Posted on February 4th, 2013 by PBP Administrator

The illustrated journal of Sarah Farish Moody’s trip from Nova Scotia to Toronto in 1843 was fragile but contained beautiful water colors, drawings and a record of her journey.  Her descendants knew it was an important family and artistic treasure and needed a way to preserve and share this remarkable document. John and Diane Moody with cousins Judy Buckley and Jim Lawrason, painstakingly transcribed the written journal and used the Design Tool to transform the transcript and scanned pages into this beautiful book.  They made copies to share with their combined 6 children and a local museum, with the intention of donating the original journal to The Canadian Archives.  The book has custom end papers showing the family tree and a printed graphic cover that uses the original cover artwork and hand made papers.

Details about the structure of this book:

Dimensions:  8″ x 10″ Portrait
Bindings:  Sewn signature with hard cover
Cover:  Printed reproduction of art work and hand made papers
Paper:  120 lb. coated, archival
End Papers:  Custom with Family Tree
Pages:  240
Take a look inside – click here

Birds and More

Posted on August 17th, 2012 by PBP Administrator

Once in a while we see a collaboration that we think is really terrific.  John Hibbs is a photographer of nature, and George Stein is a writer and creator of Haiku.  Together, they created a gorgeous book of images enhanced by original Haiku – 17 syllables in 3 lines – that captures the essence of each picture, and showing that sometimes a few extra words really do add meaning to the picture.

Take a look…

Birds and More

All the original photographs in this book were taken in The Woodlands, Texas, many on or near Lake Woodlands between 2006 and 2012.  The Woodlands website describes this marvelous planned community this way…

“There is a sanctuary nestled deep inside a native forest. A natural refuge, unique in its beauty, diversity, convenience and online casinos comfort. A place that fosters the best in family life, career opportunities and neighborhood involvement.”

John, who has more than twenty published nature photographs to his credit, has truly revealed the beauty of the sanctuary that is his home.

In addition to his Haiku, George”s first novel, Sing Before Breakfast, a story of the American Civil War, has just entered the publication process (Feb. 2012) and should be out in the spring.

Details about the structure of this book:
Dimensions:  9″ x 12″ Portrait
Bindings:  Sewn signature with hard cover
Cover:  Black leather w/ gold foil title stamp
Paper:  120 lb. coated, archival
End Papers:  Black Moire
Pages:  60

Create a Photo Book | Getting Started

Posted on July 26th, 2012 by PBP Administrator

Getting started with the PhotoBook Press Design tool is easy – but, our new Get Started instructional video will make the process even easier to understand.

To start your new photo book project, just follow these easy steps…

  1. Open the Design Tool and select “PhotoBooks” to start a new project or manage existing books.
  2. Start a new PhotoBook

  3. Choose from “New” or “Open” to start a new book or open an existing book.
  4. Start a new book project.

  5. Select your size and style of book in the New Photo Book Wizard, and click on “Start Empty Book.”

Start a new book, or work on an existing project, the Design Tool will help organize your favorite images into a fabulous custom book.  Take a look at the complete Design Tool Get Started video.

Down load the software – it’s FREE – and start your fine custom photo book now!

Favorite Cameras

Posted on July 23rd, 2012 by PBP Administrator

Yesterday, as I was posting about the interview with sports photographer David Burnett in the New York Times Lens blog, I started thinking about vintage cameras…

Speed Graphic Camera

Speed Graphic | Favorite of David Burnett

…and the “lucky” photographic circumstances that we can find ourselves in.  Burnett described catching the iconic photo of a distraught Mary Decker after she tripped and fell in the 3,000-meter finals of the Los Angeles Olympics in August 1984.  Burnett says about his decision to move away from the crowd of photographers to a spot down the track – near turn four:

“It’s one of those things that I just got lucky, and I didn’t screw up. It’s about being lucky and not screwing up, and trying to be ready for some moment if you happen to be the right place.”

A photographer of Burnett”s stature isn”t just lucky, he has the skill, experience and confidence to position himself for luck – AND he Der Online Casino Ratgeber Onlinekasino. is always ready.

So, I am certainly not his caliber of photographer, but, I have had some lucky shots with my wonderful Olympus OM-1.

Olympus OM-1 | Favorite of Ed McConaghay

I bought and used this camera a lot throughout Asia while I was stationed in Korea in the mid-“70″s.

Boy with Toy Guns | Korea, 1976

Boy with Toy Guns | Korea, 1976

Girl Buckling Shoes | Korea, 1976

Girl Buckling Shoes | Korea, 19

These images (scanned from nearly 40 yr old slides) are also on our Pinterest travel board.

Another favorite (albeit somewhat more modern) is the digital Nikon D-100 owned by my late friend Ira Caplan.

Nikon D100

Nikon D100 | Favorite of Ira Caplan

Ira had one of the best eyes for portraits in a natural setting of anyone I have ever known. One of Ira”s images are on our Pinterest travel board, and you can see more of Images from a Life of Travel here.

What is your favorite camera?

Go to our Pinterest vintage camera board and add your favorite camera.

Or, go to the travel board and share some of your lucky moments.

Mystery Photo Album

Posted on July 20th, 2012 by PBP Administrator

There is a great post in the New York Times today about the search for the creator of an old photo album on display (until July 28) in the University of New Mexico Art Museum.  This is a beautiful collection of photos from 1915 – but with a lot of missing information.  The recipient is known, but the creator and a lot of facts about the images are unknown.

Mystery Photo Album

Mystery Photo Album | from New York Times (July 20, 2012) and University of New Mexico Art Museum

Seems to me that this is a common experience.  Many of us have old family images with faces and places that are unidentified.  And, even more importantly, missing the story behind the image – Why was the photo taken? What was going on at the time? What were they thinking?

The resources available to help us discover the answers to these questions are more accessible now than ever before. Census data is on line. Genealogical services (e.g. Ancestry.com, or Association of Professional Historians (APH)) exist all over the world. Other government, institutional and family records are available in public databases, web sites, and through search engines.

It all just takes time, a lot of sleuthing, and luck!  Better to get started while there are family and friends who might remember and can help fill in the details.

In the meanwhile, if you know anything about Eleanor T. Wragg or Georgia Irwin or, more importantly, Georgia’s chum Dorothy – send an email to lens@nytimes.com and let them know what you know.

You really can judge a book by its cover…

Posted on July 13th, 2012 by PBP Administrator

We have a lot of people wanting to explore multi-piece graphic hard cover options.  The possibilities are almost unlimited.  You can create covers from a single graphical image, or from two or three piece combinations.  Or, you can choose from a wide variety of leathers and fabrics.  Mix and match to get the look that you want.

Here are some examples of recent books…

This one piece graphical cover is from a recent book by Frank D’Annunzio (see it here posted in an earlier blog).  The single image wraps from the front cover around the spine and across the back.  A single high resolution image with titles, captions and text is printed and laminated and bound to the cover book board.

One Piece Graphical Hard Cover | One Image from Front to Back

This two piece cover has a brown leather front panel, with a standard black leather spine and back.  This two piece construction can be done with any combination of leathers and fabrics, or with a graphical front panel.

Two Piece Cover | Contrasting Fabric Front Panel

A three piece cover has different front and back panels, with a contrasting spine.  These covers can have different images on the front and back panel, or a contrasting fabric.  This cover has a standard black leather spine, but you can use your imagination with the image and spine fabric combination.

Three Piece Graphic Cover | Black Leather Spine

To create ANY graphical cover – in any number of pieces – choose the graphical cover option in the Design Tool.  For any fabric only combination, choose the standard cover option in the Design Tool.  In every case, final fabric choices (scroll down to fabric choices to see your options here) will be made when the book order is submitted.

Have fun!  Give us a call if you have any questions about cover option and design decisions.

Bleeds | Creating Full Page Printed Images

Posted on July 9th, 2012 by PBP Administrator

Bleeds are a critical component of any page design where you want the image to run all the way to the edge.

Two Page Spread with Bleeds

When a book goes through the production process, there are the natural shifts in the way that pages line up – in our case, usually due to page “creep” that comes from the different radius of each page in our nested folded signatures.

Folded Sheets in a Signature | Inside sheet has a "tight" crease, the outside sheet has a "rounded" crease

To accommodate this natural shift of pages during the production process, any image printed right up to the edge needs to have 1/8th inch extra that extends beyond the final trimmed edge of the page. This is so that when the book block is assembled and trimmed to its final size, there are no unexpected lines or blank spaces showing. The Design Tool automatically Page 178———————–154 Part IV: Analytics and Big hard disk recovery software Sounds exciting, right? In fact, text analytics is being used in a wide variety of big data use cases from social media analysis to warranty analysis to fraud analysis. inserts background images with the correct bleed. Any image that you add as an inserted image, and which will print to the edge, must account for the required bleed.

Bleed | 1/8th Inch for Images running to the edge of a page

You can toggle the bleed view on and off by clicking on View and selecting Bleed. Keep Bleed on to lay out pages and correctly position images. Turn Bleed off to see what the trimmed pages will look like.

Toggle Bleed on and off in the Design Tool

We suggest that you leave the bleed on all the time and only turn it off when you want to make sure that you have the image placed correctly.  Make sure that your images have sufficient resolution to accommodate the larger size of full bleed images.

Learn more about spreads, bleeds and other Design Tool Tips here.

Download the Design Tool and design your own pages with full bleeds.

"Author Author" Photographer Michael Childers

Posted on June 27th, 2012 by PBP Administrator

We went to a great “Talk of the Stacks” event at the Minneapolis Central Library where Michael Childers, renowned portrait photographer opened Author, Author, an exhibit of over 40 intimate and original portraits of writers, screenwriters and playwrights.  The show opened yesterday in the Library”s 2d floor gallery and runs through August 18.

Author, Author | Michael Childers

Following the gallery opening, he gave a talk to an enthusiastic crowd of book and photography lovers.

Photo of Michael Childers (right) & Ed McConaghay

Portrait Photographer Michael Childers (r) & Ed McConaghay (l)

Michael Childers is one of the entertainment industry’s most highly respected portrait and art photographers. Ironic that this image was taken with my iPhone in for the YMCA at Commercial truck defensive driving techniques is a career option with many employment opportunities available. various elementary best-driving-school.com throughout the Valley. not great light.

Childers graduated from UCLA Film School and, in addition to his great portraits, is a photographer for magazines, theater productions, film posters, and books. His acting resume includes the films Hider in the House (1989), Les Superficiales (2002) and guest appearances in the television series The X-Files (2000), ER (2000), and Six Feet Under (2002).  He is a producer, still photographer, second unit director, and production assistant for films such as The Falcon and the Snowman (1985) and The Believers (1987).

He is a fabulous portrait artist, and quite the raconteur – and he has the “pictures to prove it” as he says.  We can”t wait to see his upcoming book of portraits of authors, playwrights and screen writers.

Be sure to see his show in a library near you!

In Search of Cold Mountain | China Past & Present

Posted on June 22nd, 2012 by PBP Administrator

A few years ago, we went with friends on a terrific 3500 km road trip through China.  Why?  Well, it was in the search for the hermit cave abode of classic Chinese poet Han-Shan (aka Cold Mountain).

Memorial to Han-Shan

Han-Shan (aka Cold Mountain), w/ Feng-kan (Big Stick) and Shih-te (Pickup)

Being the good custom book publishers that we are, we are the last to put our own images into a photo book (shoe makers children, and all that).  But, I am on it now.

In the meanwhile, I am pinning a selection of the images that I took on the trip in our Travel board on Pinterest.  Perhaps this will inspire you to plan your trip to China.  Maybe it will make you want to share more of your travel images with us and our fellow travelers.

Terra Cotta Soldiers | Xi'an

Huangshan Mountain Pine

Huangshan Mountain Pine

Bamboo Graffiti

Bamboo Graffiti

Bride on the Shanghai Bund

Bride on Shanghai Bund

Terra Cotta Army

Terra Cotta Army | Xi'an

Modern Shanghai Marketing

Modern Shanghai Marketing

Chinese Wall Painting from Mongolian Mail Stop town

Wall Painting | Genghis Khan Mongolian Mail Station

Yellow River

Yellow River Flood Plain

Four China Travelers

Four (of 5) China Travelers | Porter | McConaghay | Lenfesty | Hazard | Telfer was taking the picture

This trip, led by Bill Porter (known in China as Red Pine, a translator of Han-Shan’s poetry) and with our friends Jim Lenfesty (a terrific poet in his own right) and Mike Hazard (videographer and producer of Cold Mountain (see it here), a documentary) took us from Beijing to Shanghai, in a van, as we visited the birth places, shrines and significant presences of China’s greatest poets, philosophers and thinkers.  Ancient, modern, beautiful, un-expected, rich, poor, urban and country – this was a trip that had it all!  And, while we expect to visit China again, it doesn’t seem that we will ever re-create this adventure.

Nine Dragons Wall in the Fordidden City, Beijing, China

Nine Dragons Wall in the Fordidden City, Beijing, China

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